Michael Jackson Gets His Backseat Groove On During an R. Kelly Jam


As the news surrounding the death of Michael Jackson continues to grow more depressing and weird, we here at Vulture would like to interrupt the morbidness for a few quick moments to show you something MJ-related that ought to make you smile. In the following video, which was apparently shot by one Brett Ratner, Michael Jackson was riding around in the back of an SUV when R. Kelly's party classic "Ignition (Remix)" came over the car speakers. And while it doesn't appear that MJ actually knows the words to the song, that doesn't stop him from busting out some of the best backseat dance moves we've seen since the "Bohemian Rhapsody" sequence from the first Wayne's World movie. Truly amazing footage.

Brett Ratner and Michael Jackson getting down to the ‘Ignition (Remix)’ while on vacation in Miami [Money, Cash, Ho's]