NBC’s Ad Sales Could Totally Be Worse, Says Ben Silverman


Could things possibly be going any better for NBC wunderkind (and Vulture hero) Ben Silverman? Doubtful! He can't walk down the street without being offered a job, he just took a perfectly timed four-week vacation that completely absolves him of any responsibility for NBC Universal's second-quarter-profit woes, and now, he says, NBC's upfront ad sales for fall are even better than predicted: "You are seeing healthier numbers than I think we anticipated," he announced at an industry conference in Pasadena yesterday.

Some had predicted two-digit drops in the Peacock's ad rates, but Silverman says the reality is "not close to what was forecast." Also, NBC just closed a major deal with McDonald's (thanks, Tina!) to run ads during Jay Leno's upcoming prime-time show, and Silverman says he expects next year to be even better, thanks to the return of automakers, who've sat out this upfront season owing to the recession: "We're anticipating a rebound in 2010." Congratulations, Ben — we just hope all this good news doesn't affect your blues singing.

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