Os Gemeos Dedicate Their New Mural to Dash Snow


As is wont to happen from time to time, we found ourselves wandering around the Bowery-Houston corridor last night. We temporarily postponed the commencement of last evening's drinking festivities in order to spend ten minutes or so closely inspecting the recently completed Os Gemeos mural, the one that replaced the much beloved Keith Haring tribute. While we were studying the rather impressive and intricately detailed piece of street art, we noticed that its upper left-hand corner contained a short inscription that reads "Dedicated to Dash Snow R.I.P. (Sacer IRAK)." We're not entirely sure what Snow would've thought about a tribute like this, but there is one thing AnimalNY noticed that most likely would have made Snow chuckle: Vandals have already tagged the mural with the phrase "Blog about this."