Paper Route Gangstaz Leave the George Michael Samples at Home


Alabama’s Paper Route Gangstaz touched down nationally with last year's Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas, an uneven mix tape highlighted by some of the best stunt sampling we've ever heard — seriously, who knew Underworld's "Born Slippy" would sound so good reborn as a self-esteem-boosting hip-hop anthem? (Turning "Careless Whisper" into "Bama Getting Money" was pretty ingenious too.) Those cuts came courtesy of Diplo, who plucked PRG from regional-rap obscurity and will be executive producing their upcoming full-length. Diplo's not responsible for "Keyshia Cole," the first single off pre-album EP Rocket Fuel, which turns out to be no problem — with giant techno synths, Shawty Redd–like drums, and one bewildering nickname for what sounds like a very potent strain of marijuana ("We used to call it ether, but now we call it Keyshia / And if you got a cold, a blunt of this here will relieve ya"), PRG proves they're no one-trick pony.