Harry Potter Films Continue to Keep British Actors Gainfully Employed


“I am no longer the only English actor not to be in Harry Potter and I am very pleased."—Bill Nighy on finally being included [MTV]

"Most of the work is really being done by the singers and the director and the conductor, and I sort of lord over them with my beard. I've grown a beard in order to look more imposing."—Rufus Wainwright on his scary facial hair [PopCandy/USAT]

"I'm thinking next season we go green and I'll just text them the fantasy suite option."—Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelorette, on those R-rated invitations to the love suite [PopWatch/EW]

"No one's called me, I think its just tabloid-ness. Of course I'd be interested, I'd do it any time. They know my number."—Mark Ronson on his phone not ringing to pen a song for the next James Bond [Female First]

"Kento, my dancer, was obsessed with Michael all his life. And when Michael was having auditions for his tour, Kento really wanted to go but he'd already made a commitment to me."—Madonna on preventing her dancer from achieving his lifelong dream [Contact Music]

"His voice is really high, too high for me, and I ended up losing my voice too. By the end of the tour we could hardly speak. Then for some reason we decided it must be the perfect time to record a single together."—The Dead Weather's Alison Mosshart on the masochism of singing with Jack White [Female First]