Quentin Tarantino Probably Not Celebrating Avatar Day


If you're like most reasonable people, you've already quit your job to stand in line for the just-announced "Avatar Day" on August 21, whereupon James Cameron will screen fifteen minutes of his Comic-Con–approved space adventure for free on as many Imax screens as Fox can finagle. But guess who maybe isn't so excited! Poor Quentin Tarantino, whose Nazi-scalping Inglourious Basterds opens the very same day, will cost you the price of a ticket, and takes place exclusively on Earth and in two measly dimensions. Also probably upset: cash-strapped Harvey Weinstein, who desperately needs Basterds to be a hit. We suppose there's always a chance that Avatar could draw more people to theaters who might stick around to see IB too, but, just to be safe, they might want to spend the next month having Brad Pitt's character digitally painted blue.

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