Which 30 Rock Guest Stars Weren’t Nominated for Emmys?


As everyone knows, the easiest way to an Emmy nomination is to do a guest appearance on 30 Rock. Last year, the show was responsible for seven of the eleven nods in the Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series categories, and today, five more stars got happy calls from their agents thanks to Tina Fey: Jennifer Aniston, Elaine Stritch, Jon Hamm, Steve Martin, and Alan Alda. But it doesn't work for everyone! A year ago, poor Jerry Seinfeld got the shaft, and this year Megan Mullally and Oprah Winfrey saw their (one day's worth of) hard work add to nothing. But nobody was more snubbed today than Salma Hayek — 30 Rock's most frequent guest star this season — who played Jack Donaghy's girlfriend, Elisa, in six episodes. The obvious lesson: You don't win Emmys with McFlurrys.

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