Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie Will Teach Us All a Dull, Important Lesson


Blogger Carson Reeves at ScriptShadow is purporting to have read a 162-page draft of Aaron Sorkin's screenplay for The Social Network, the upcoming Rudin-produced, Fincher-directed film on Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, based on Ben Mezrich's forthcoming book The Accidental Billionaires. Reeves's spoiler-y review is mostly positive, but if you, like us, were hoping for a movie about how great it is to be a brilliant 25-year-old billionaire (instead of an older schlub who makes your salary), you might be disappointed: "It's a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy" (Reeves also gives away the ending, which really drives the lesson home). Since everyone knows that money — or even wildly optimistic multi-billion-dollar valuations, as the case may be — can buy happiness, we'll just assume that this is all the result of one of Mezrich's fabrications and everything will be corrected in Sorkin's next draft.

The Social Network (Facebook Movie) [ScriptShadow via Playlist]