Beatles Video Game’s Three-Part Harmonizing Feature to Cause Fussing and Fighting, My Friend


The folks behind The Beatles: Rock Band demo-ed the game for journalists over the weekend and, judging from the reactions hitting the Internet, it's basically as great-seeming as we'd hoped. The feature everyone seems most excited about today is the one that allows three players to sing simultaneously, replicating John, Paul, and George's harmonies. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but we're pretty excited. According to those who've tried the game, its point-scoring system is pretty forgiving when it comes to bum notes, but don't expect us to be — in our apartment, all parts of "Because" will be sung flawlessly by every player, or our TBRB parties will end as acrimoniously as the Beatles did. Also, a new trailer was released today and it looks totally awesome. Click to watch.