The Flaming Lips Get Weird, Again


We left out the Flaming Lips’ festival-closing performance in our Pitchfork recap, not because it let us down, exactly, but because, well, what was there to say? Full of the requisite multicolored confetti, giant balloons, a blinding backdrop screen, and hopped-up, costumed dancers, it was another epically quirky set from a band that is now so much of an institution they’re Oklahoma House of Representatives–approved. “Convinced of the Hex” and “Silver Trembling Hands”, the two new songs streaming on the band’s MySpace — which were premiered live at PFork and will be on September’s Embryonic — remind us a bit of that set: spirited, sweet, odd … and just the tiniest bit perfunctory.

Stream "Convinced of the Hex", "Silver Trembling Hands": MySpace