Top Secret Iron Man 2 Footage Lovingly Reenacted by Comic-Con Attendees


If you're any kind of nerd, you probably feel awful for missing Comic-Con's Iron Man 2 presentation on Saturday, at which director Jon Favreau is said to have premiered four incredible, mind-blowing minutes from next May's blockbuster actioner before 6,500 pants-shitting fans, many of whom had been waiting in line since before the release of Iron Man 1 (they all say it was completely worth it and you totally missed out). Adding insult to your injury is the fact that Paramount has succeeded (so far) in keeping the footage off the Internet. But fear not! For some unexplainable reason, a group of Comic-Con attendees, after viewing the clip, immediately retreated to their hotel room to film a line-by-line reenactment and upload the results to YouTube. They're not very good, but you get the idea. Also, the gentleman with the eye patch is supposed to be Samuel L. Jackson, we think.

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