Tracy Morgan Looking to Supplement His 30 Rock Salary by Pawning Emmys


Ever since he took on the role of Tracy Jordan in 30 Rock, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks Tracy Morgan is anything less than a national treasure. His relatively frequent guest appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman have become the stuff of legend (example quote: "I'm just doing karate and trying to get females pregnant"), and last night's conversation was no exception. In it, he riffed on topics as diverse his famous fish-tank fire ("I told those the sharks, 'Put your cigarettes out!"), his burgeoning relationship with Bruce Willis ("He's sweet like man meat! Sweet like possum meat!"), and his preparation to take a voice role as Blaster the guinea pig in G-Force ("I didn't get on the [hamster] wheel"). But best of all, he told a gut-buster about how he's afraid that winning Emmys might cause him to catch Whitney Houston Syndrome, which culminated with a hilarious anecdote about how he went to a friend's house in Jersey only to discover that said friend is actually in possession of the Grammy Houston won for The Bodyguard. We can only hope Tom O'Neil is on the case determining whether this story is legit!

Letterman - Tracy Morgan on the Juice? [YouTube]