What We Are Able to Discern About Mad Men Season Three Based Solely on This Promotional Image


Only 32 more days until the third season of Mad Men debuts! While show creator Matthew Weiner is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to revealing the show's plot points in advance of each episode's air date, we were able to garner a few insights into how things are likely to shake out this season after carefully studying this promotional image that AMC just released. First off, the fact that a major flood has broken out in Don Draper's office likely signals that Don has had some difficulty finding a replacement secretary for Jane Siegel, who was last spotted canoodling in a hotel with Don's boss, Roger Sterling; this sort of catastrophe would never have happened under Peggy's watch, that much is certain. That said, we're not entirely sure whether that's water or just a really big batch of martinis: Maybe this means that Freddy Rumsen has been welcomed back into the Sterling Cooper fold with open arms? Either way, the fact that Don doesn't seem the least bit concerned about the excessive amount of liquid in his office ruining his wingtips most likely means that Sterling Cooper has landed themselves the prestigious Aquaseal account.

Got any interpretations of your own that you'd like to share? You know where to leave 'em!

Mad Men Season Three Promo [Aziz Is Bored]