Will Avatar Be Upstaged at Comic-Con by Abstinent Vampires?


Yes, according to one blogger! While perusing the schedule for Comic-Con in two weeks, /Film's Peter Sciretta noticed something horrifying: James Cameron's Avatar presentation on Thursday will end just 15 minutes prior to a panel discussion for Twilight sequel New Moon — happening in the same auditorium! The concern, of course, is that rabid Twilight fans (GIRLS, most likely) will line up days early, filling all the seats and shutting out the Avatar-interested. Additionally, during the screening of Cameron's purported masterpiece — "probably the most anticipated film at Comic-Con this year," notes Sciretta, "But only second to Tron 2" — Twilighters will presumably completely ignore the movie, biting each other and gazing abstinently at the photos of Robert Pattinson in their programs, or whatever it is that they do all day. All of James Cameron's hard work will be for naught. This is a disaster.

Will Twilight Ruin This Year’s Comic-Con? [/Film]

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