Would You Let Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Play With Your Look?


While it's tough to make an argument that NBC's recent transition of late night power has been anything other than a hilarious disaster, there is one bright spot on their late night dance card: the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. After flop sweating his way through his debut episode, Fallon has not only been looking increasingly comfortable as host of the show, but it's become clear that his background as an SNL performer gives the show some comedic flexibility that his competitors can't currently match. Take, for instance, last night's appearance by an increasingly husky-looking Alec Baldwin. Fallon and Baldwin resurrected the "Let Us Play With Your Look" characters, a couple of European fashionistas who made their original appearance when Will Ferrell was out on the Land of the Lost promotional trail. As you might expect, Baldwin is more than game to play along with the extremely silly conceit, and no matter what your opinions are of Fallon, there's no denying that he fully commits to his character in this bit.

And just because we can, here's the original Will Ferrell clip for your viewing enjoyment.

Let Us Play With Your Look [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]