ABC News Reporter Unknowingly Accuses Jamie-Lynn Sigler of Dating a ‘Fat Dude’


Take it from us firsthand, there are many perils for reporters assigned to cover the celebrity beat. ABC News reporter Dan Harris just discovered this cold fact the hard way, as he clearly didn't put in the requisite amount of prep time before a recent interview with Entourage star Jamie-Lynn Sigler. We've got to be honest, we're not entirely sure what wild string of thought led the overly cavalier reporter to deem it appropriate to ask the former Meadow Soprano, "In real life, do you think that beautiful women do or would date fat dudes?" Okay, we understand this is a major plot point of Entourage this season, so that it certainly makes it newsworthy in some respects, but what Harris failed to realize is that Sigler is dating Jerry Ferrara (a.k.a. Turtle) in real life. And, um, has been since last November. Um, whoops! Even worse, Harris makes the decision not to just let sleeping dogs lie or to cut this part out from his disastrous interview, but rather to make ANOTHER video in which he explains in painstaking detail how many newspapers he reads on a daily basis and that he still missed the news. Bonus points for self-deprecation, we suppose, but then again, not really.

ABC Reporter Accuses Jamie-Lynn Sigler of Dating a "Fat Dude" [Sling]