Will Avatar: The Videogame Preview Be As Ridiculed As the Film’s Trailer?


In our experience, video games based on movies generally suffer because they lack the photorealism of their cinematic source material. For example, no matter how cool the Joker looks in the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, we're fairly confident the voice acting and animation will never be able to replicate what Heath Ledger (or even Cesar Romero) did with the character. However, considering that vast chunks of Avatar were created inside a computer and not on a soundstage (let alone on location), is there any chance the Avatar video game could possibly be better than James Cameron's film? Sad to say, probably not. The just-released trailer for the video game shows us a lot of scenes stylistically similar to the widely criticized trailer for the film that was released online some 30 hours or so ago: lush landscapes, scary beasties, and giant blue aliens. Another benefit of going to see the 3-D movie in the theater versus playing the video game? You could probably go to the movies four times for the price it would cost you to buy the game.

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