Inception Trailer: Dancing on the Ceiling


Avatar's wasn't the only geek-anticipated trailer to hit theaters this weekend — a teaser for Christopher Nolan's mysterious, still-shooting, Leonardo DiCaprio–starring Inception, too, played before Inglourious Basterds. Warner Bros. hasn't yet posted an official version online, but this bootleg video (which will probably be pulled down any minute) is clear enough to tell us ... very little! We see a spinning top, a flummoxed Leonardo DiCaprio, and a glass of water whose tilted contents show that, in this movie, gravity can switch directions; then, DiCaprio fights a guy on the ceiling of a hotel hallway. Plus, there are a bunch of Dark Knight–style aerial shots of a city, indicating that Nolan's love of helicopter rides has not abated. The tagline ("Your mind is the scene of the crime") makes us a little worried that this will be one of those films in which, at the end, the good guy turns out to also be the bad guy.

Update: WB released the real thing, viewable after the jump. The Playlist points out that the guy fighting the other guy who might be DiCaprio in the hallway is Joseph Gordon Levitt, which seemingly makes him the movie's villain, maybe.