Two Boys Named Girls Make Happy Music


Here's something nice and pleasant for the end of your day: "Lust for Life" (not a cover), a jaunty little number from two San Franciscan dudes who call themselves Girls. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, it's a successful attempt at capturing that woozy, happy feeling when a night of lazy drinking turns into a morning of looking for breakfast. It's all clean, jangly guitars, subtle "pah-pah-pah" backup vocals, and, best of all, cheeky guilty-pleasure lyrics: “Yeah, I’m just crazy and fucked in the head / But maybe if I really try with all of my heart / Then I can make a brand-new start, in love, with you.” It comes from their upcoming debut album, Album, which we’re hoping all sounds exactly like this song. (The accompanying video — featuring attractive hipsters just having so much fun — we're not as sold on.)

Watch the video here