British Reality-Show Competitions Trump Their American Counterparts Once Again


If one were to look solely at ratings victories, one might conclude that NBC's America's Got Talent was having a pretty good summer. After all, it consistently rates higher than its (admittedly weak) competition. However, when was the last time you or anyone you knew actually talked about something that happened on the program? We vaguely remember some redneck guy tearfully singing some country song back when the show first launched in June, but it's not like that dude (or anyone else on the show, for that matter) ever achieved anything even approaching the name recognition of Susan Boyle. And while we don't think that Steve, a contestant on this weekend's episode of X Factor, has an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in his future, he certainly made for one of the most entertaining reality-show appearances we've seen in some time. You see, Steve doesn't have what anyone would exactly call a good voice, but he does manage to wear some very loose sweatpants to his audition for the show, sweatpants that must be extremely comfortable, judging by what's going on below his belt. We love how the producers decided to cut away during his performance of "It's My Party" to a shot of his extremely uncomfortable-looking daughters backstage, but this clip achieves instant legend status when the judge Louis Walsh tells Steve that "I just don't think you have the full package."

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