Cameron Crowe Sprung From Movie Jail, Shoots Video for Pearl Jam


The last time we saw Cameron Crowe behind a camera, the result was 2005's disappointingly muddled Elizabethtown. The film was not well-received by either critics or the general public at large and, as a result, Crowe has spent the last few years staring at four walls from behind the iron bars of Movie Jail. Thankfully, though, Crowe has been recently released back into the world on his own recognizance after solemnly swearing that he will never work with either Orlando Bloom or Kirsten Dunst again. He made good on that promise with the video for "The Fixer," the first single off of Pearl Jam's upcoming Backspacer LP. If you've been following along with our Song of the Summer countdown, you're already aware that we're fans of the song and are on the record as calling it one of the best things Pearl Jam has done in a long, long time. While it would've been nice to see some sort of Citizen Dick reference worked into the piece, mainly we're just happy to see that Pearl Jam finally decided to start making music videos again.