Dr. Dre Working on Improving the Quality of Digital Music, Not on Detox


What has Dr. Dre been up to, other than pushing delicious carbonated beverages? Why, just working on vastly improving your daily music-listening experience — according to CNET, Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and Hewlett-Packard are collaborating on a line of expensive laptops, headsets, and software that feature the Beats By Dr. Dre brand (which has so far just been a line of expensive headphones). And the way Iovine is talking, this is just the first step: “We have to fix the entire chain. Our position is to go to all the sources and try to improve sound and educate people ... We can't put anything weak in the line. Whoever puts out things that sound bad shouldn't be as cool as something that sounds great."

Agreed! They definitely shouldn’t be as cool Also, we know what you’re thinking: Shouldn’t Dre be spending his time finishing a certain famously perma-delayed album? Look, this makes perfect sense — when we do finally hear the surely life-affirming, heart-swelling beats on Detox, do you want it to be in the same regular-ass 128-kilobits-per-second MP3s you’ve been listening to and enjoying all these years, or do you want it to be in yet-to-be-invented special magic Dr. Dre audio tracks? The choice is clear.

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