Drake and Some Kid Make Rap New Again


“Succesful,” the track by Canadian recording artist Drake not newly crowned Song of the Summer, now has a video, which occasioned the following observation on the blog Pigeons and Planes:

For those who didn't know, Drake is not actually saying money, cars, hoes [sic] and clothes is what equals success (although that is what alot of ppl get from this song). After those 4 things are said in the chorus, Trey then says, "..I suppose..", with a hint of doubt in his voice.

We couldn’t agree more (although Drake doesn’t actually mention “hoes”). Despite the relatively voluble presence of guest rapper Trey Songz, this gorgeous song remains an attempt at stripping — and slowing — hip-hop down to its emotional essence. Which makes it the perfect gateway to another video — recently promoted by Sasha Frere-Jones and Hua Hsu, and embedded after the jump — which shows a man billed Lyric furiously rapping, accompanied only by his foot against the floor and the tapping of his pens on a school desk. The feat ends as someone opens the door to the classroom. Call it today’s lesson.