Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem Combine Like Voltron


Now this is more like it. This week's Blueprint 3 leaks may have let us down, but Drake, Kanye, Eminem, and Lil Wayne sure haven't — "Forever," a mix-tape track from last summer, reworked for the soundtrack to the LeBron James documentary, More Than a Game (just go with it), is a beast. We’ll just get our one complaint out the way quick: Really, Dreezy — you’re “shutting shit down in the mall”? Scooping a lot of girls at Auntie Anne’s? Stacking paper at Claire’s? Anyway, that aside, we, just like the rest of the Internet, totally love this thing. The appropriately epic beat is served up by Boi-1da, the ascendant Toronto producer behind “Best I Ever Had,” and everyone goes in hard: Drake first (“last name ever, first name greatest”), then ‘Ye (“Super bad chicks giving me McLovin”), and a seriously rejuvenated Wayne (“pistol on my side, you don’t want to hear that thing talk”), before Eminem finishes things up. How cool is it to hear that dude on one of these things? Of course, he sounds a little out of place talking about eating people's faces and stuff, but he also sounds totally great. Drake, we officially forgive you for “Off That.”

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