Fred Armisen Is in Desperate Need of an Intervention Intervention


We've all been there. It's a perfectly sunny Saturday afternoon, all of your friends are out picnicking in the park but you've got other obligations. Namely, you're stuck on your couch, bag of potato chips in hand, watching an endless marathon of Intervention on A&E. Well, no matter how down on your luck you think you might be, it's always good to know that there's someone who's feeling even lower. In this case, it's Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen, a man whose addiction to watching people struggle with addiction is bound to tear you up inside. And just look what it's doing to his poor fiancée, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss! She can't even look her dearest Freddy in the face anymore. We here at Vulture sincerely hope that Armisen is able to pull his life back together; if not for his legions of adoring fans or his Magic: The Gathering buddies, then for the sake of his future children!

Intervention Intervention With Fred Armisen From Fred Armisen [Funny Or Die via Lindsayism]