The House of the Devil Trailer: A Brilliant Homage to Retro-Horror Movie Hallmarks


Yesterday, we premiered the delightfully retro poster for this fall's upcoming horror-thriller The House of the Devil. We had heard some really positive buzz for the film coming out of this year's Tribeca Film Festival, so we decided to conduct a little more research on the project. Thankfully, we stumbled across the film's trailer and, suffice it to say, it's just as glorious as the poster. The style in which director Ti West shot the film makes it look not only like the film takes place in the early eighties, but also like it was filmed way back then and left lying in a vault for the last twenty-odd years. The look of the trailer is decidedly grainy and positively brimming with all the great hallmarks of horror films from that era: ominous shots of the moon, feathered hair, bloody pentagrams, kitchen knives being wielded as weapons, and even an exploding lightbulb. At various points it recalls endangered-babysitter genre classics like When a Stranger Calls — and it also pairs the always-creepy Tom Noonan and cult-film legend Mary Woronov as the Satan-worshipping owners of the titular House of the Devil, which is pretty much the most delicious slice of casting we've seen in some time.

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