Interpol Singer Lampoons Interpol Singer


Welcome to the un-fun house: Interpol’s lead singer, Paul Banks, has a side project, Julian Plenti, which sounds exactly like Interpol and has a new video mainly distinguished by the presence of Paul Banks in two roles, Metric’s Emily Haines in one, and a fractured narrative that reflects that whole ungainly mess in its shards. Paul One leaves his Waverly Hotel apartment, whereupon the desk clerk calls Paul Two and Emily, who access the apartment, vigorously unmake Paul One’s bed, and shoot Polaroids while they stimulate “perverse” sex acts involving bondage and severely mussed hair. Paul One returns to find the Polaroids and flops back onto his unmade bed, presumably to either mope or masturbate. And all we can think is, what a waste of the world’s dwindling Polaroid film stock. And film. Unless that’s just HD video.