James Cameron Has No Plans to Work With Tom Arnold


That thing Tom Arnold said in yesterday's Times about James Cameron's upcoming True Lies sequel starring him and Arnold Schwarzenegger? You won't believe this — it was made up! Ain't It Cool News received the following e-mail from Cameron: "I think Tom was joking. There are no plans for a True Lies 2. I don't know about the creative direction thing.... I'm always down for a good action-comedy (actually, we always classified the film as a 'domestic epic'). But since September 11, I've never felt comfortable generating laughs with nuke-toting Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. True Lies, even though it has a cautionary thread underneath the pratfalls, is in a strange way a product of a more innocent time. But if we ever do another True Lies, I wouldn't dream of doing it without Tom. He's a good friend and a very funny guy." [Ain't It Cool]