Jay-Z and Drake Are Way Ahead of the Curve, Apparently


“Off That,” Jay-Z’s new Timbaland-produced single, is the latest entrant into the burgeoning genre of complaint rap Jay is apparently spearheading; this time, he enlists Drake to list a bunch more hip-hop trends he’s moved past (chains, oversize clothes, making it rain in the club). First, what’s up with Drake not getting a verse? His chorus work is stellar, sure, but relegating him to hook duty is kind of a dick move, right? Second: Honestly, we don’t understand what “you can’t bring the future back” means. (Additional points subtracted for there surely being a perfectly good Back to the Future reference they could have subbed in there.) Mostly, though, we’re disappointed because we’ve now heard three songs from Blueprint 3, and two of them are about things Jay-Z doesn’t think are cool anymore — so will this be the grumpiest blockbuster hip-hop album ever? Also, you’re off oversize clothes, but you’re not off Timbaland beats?