Music-Starved Fans of the Strokes Will Have to Satiate Themselves With a New Julian Casablancas Solo Record


In the three-plus years since the Strokes released their last record, First Impressions of Earth, the band has stayed incredibly active. Unfortunately for fans of the Strokes, though, all of said action has been limited to side projects: Rhythm guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has turned out two (mostly well-received) solo records, bassist Nikolai Fraiture released an album with his side project Nickel Eye, and drummer Fabrizio Moretti got behind the kit for Little Eye's 2008 self-titled record. And while it doesn't look like there will be a new Strokes record any time in the near future, lead singer Julian Casablancas has been holed up in the studio, working on a solo LP he's tentatively titled Phrazes for the Young. In this incredibly rare on-camera interview, his first in three years, he talks about the inspiration for his solo record (classical music!), his current musical inspirations (Beirut, Beach House), and what we can expect from the fourth album from the Strokes ("It's gonna be pretty good, I think, pretty damn good").

Julian Casablancas' "First On-Camera Interview In Three Years" [Stereogum]