See the Hilarious Trailer for Justin Timberlake’s Top-Secret New Movie


Were you aware that Justin Timberlake made a movie with Jeff Bridges that's being released in only three weeks? If not, we could probably forgive you, since Anchor Bay deigned to wait until just yesterday to make its trailer available. And with a possible role in The Green Lantern up for grabs until just recently, we can sort of see why JT might've wanted to keep The Open Road a secret. In it, he stars as the estranged son of a retired baseball legend with whom he tries to reconnect while on a road trip to visit his ailing mother. Road seems the perfect showcase for Timberlake's effortless acting style, by which we mean he barely even seems to be trying here, and no one will ever see this, so we can all probably immediately forget about it. Still, if jeering his hilariously awful attempts at thespianism is what it takes to make this guy record another album, then we're totally prepared to do that.