Let Harry Crane Not Spoil Mad Men’s Third Season for You


Now that everyone's seen the new, non-shocking episode of Mad Men, we figured we'd ask: Isn't Matthew Weiner's spoiler policy a little ridiculous this year? Until last night, it was supposed to be kept secret that the show's third season is set in (SPOILER ALERT!) 1963, as if it were Lost or something. Does Mad Men even lend itself to easy spoiling? Despite the marketing, our enjoyment of the show has always come from appreciating its subtleties and the overall shape of the narrative, not from the intermittent shocks and reveals. In fact, knowing in advance that, for example (SPOILER ALERT!) Peggy gives birth at the end of season one only enhanced our appreciation for the groundwork Matthew Weiner laid beforehand. Anyway, here is a funny video of Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) attempting to spoil the show's third season and being censored by AMC.