Letterman Beats Conan Four Weeks in a Row


Since Conan took over the Tonight Show in June and most elderly folks have started either going to sleep early or watching CBS, every new day brings another ratings milestone for Letterman. Here's today's: For the first time in fourteen years, Dave's Late Show was watched by more people than Tonight over four consecutive weeks, by an average score of 3.38 million to 2.63 million viewers. The wizards in NBC's publicity department are still touting Conan's edge among adults 18 to 49 (which apparently increased by 6 percent last week), though we bet that gap will narrow once Jay Leno begins killing all of Conan's potential L.A.-based guests on his racetrack this fall.

Dave's Eyeball Winning Streak Now 4 Weeks; Conan's 18-49 Demographic Win +34% [DHD]