Lost to Bring Back Pilot?


If this is true, we suppose it's the strongest evidence yet that Juliet's bomb-detonating time-reset thingy at the end of Lost's season-five finale actually worked: Greg Grunberg — the childhood friend of J.J. Abrams who played the pilot of on Lost's first-ever episode — tells TV Guide he's been asked to return for the show's sixth and final season. His return isn't a sure thing, since he'll need time off from his regular gig playing Matt on Heroes, but he says he's in if NBC okays the vacation days. Since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promised no more flashbacks next year, this pretty much means Flight 815 landed safely in Los Angeles back in September of 2004, thus undoing everything that's ever happened on the show. This should certainly save Lost latecomers a bunch of money on DVDs.

Could Greg Grunberg Return To Lost? [/Film]