Lou Barlow Would Like to Show You His Dollhouse


The first of six music videos Lou Barlow has promised for Goodnight Unknown, due October 6, shores up the grim, modest, and altogether wonderful “Don’t Apologize” with a bit of DIY sci-fi: A colorfully lit colander lands on a small dwelling at night, depositing a praying mantis with its antennae trained on the curiosities around it: a guitar propped against an amp, a light fixture, a furry, inert native. It’s Signs meets Welcome to the Dollhouse. (We haven’t seen District 9 yet, so we can’t speak to the similarities there.) At some point we see Barlow himself, although unfortunately he’s merely abusing a regulation-size acoustic guitar, and not peering, ogrelike, through a tiny plastic window. Your move, Yo La Tengo.

New Lou Barlow Video - "Don't Apologize" (Stereogum Premiere) [Stereogum]