Mad Men Replaces Bobby Draper, Again


Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is famously exacting about even his show's most minute details — in a recent Vanity Fair feature, crew members recalled an episode in which Weiner demanded that some prop pieces of fruit that were "too large and shiny" be replaced with "dumpier" ones — so if he doesn't like something, it's as good as gone. Like children, for example!

We only noticed it last night, but Mad Men's third season features a brand-new actor, Jared Gilmore, as young Bobby Draper, a role originated in 2007 by Maxwell Huckabee, who was himself replaced by Aaron Hart (our favorite Bobby so far, the one who burned his face on the stove) halfway through season one. Why? AMC hasn't returned our e-mails, so we'll assume Hart and Huckabee were simply too large or shiny for Matthew Weiner's liking. The same actress (Kiernan Shipka) has portrayed Sally Draper through the entire series, but we'd probably advise her not to get too comfortable.