New Paramore Video: Tight!


Is Paramore the greatest lady-fronted rock band in the country? The new video for “Ignorance” doesn’t clinch it, although singer Haley Williams climbing the walls of a tiny room, squished in among her bandmates and waving around a bare lightbulb, pretty neatly figures the group’s incandescent, bottle-up-and-explode energy. But the song itself might win them the merit: Three albums in, Williams wields her teen angst like switchblade, with a very adult sense of precision and control. (She turns 21 in December.) The ignorance she’s raging against here seems to encompass everything from stupid boys to lack of enlightenment in the world at large (Williams’ level of Christian faith has been hotly debated). Order us a T-shirt: Emo girls do it better.

Paramore - "Ignorance" [MTV]