Nintendo Wii Wants You to Ride That Pony


When the Nintendo Wii first hit stores in late 2006, it was nothing short of a sensation. Nintendo could barely manufacture units fast enough to keep up with the demand for the system that revolutionized the entire way people interact with video games. However, over the last few years, demand for the system has fallen off sharply, largely because Nintendo has failed to produce the kinds of must-have games that bring new customers into the fold. So now, in a fit of inspiration they hope will breathe new life into their business, Nintendo has filed a patent in European court for "an inflatable horseback riding-style saddle controller for the Wii," one that could conceivably control video-game versions of horses, bulls, and even griffins. Yes, griffins! But before you get too excited about the potential of this, Kotaku got ahold of some design sketches that Nintendo is trying to patent and, sadly, it looks pretty lame. Back to the drawing board, Miyamoto!

Nintendo Wants to Make Me Look Like an Idiot [Topless Robot]