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Pixar to Make Marvel Movie?

Yes, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman, and Tobey Maguire will likely soon be fired, and the roles of Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man recast with various Jonas Brothers — but surely some good will from today's $4 billion acquisition of Marvel by the Walt Disney Company? Maybe! On a conference call this morning, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company didn't plan on interfering much with any of the in-development Marvel movies ("If it ain't broke," he said), and that all current third-party deals would remain in place until they expire (meaning Spider-Man will stay at Sony, Iron Man at Paramount, etc.), and only then will Disney bring them in-house.

Best of all is this potentially terrific news: Iger was asked about the possibility of a collaboration between Marvel and Pixar, to which he answered that Pixar's John Lasseter had recently met with Marvel executives and "the group got pretty excited pretty fast" — "sparks will fly," Iger said. If they can make our photo-illustration a reality, we promise not to complain when Zac Efron is hired to play Nick Fury.

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