If Joan Holloway Were Portrayed by Anyone Other Than Christina Hendricks, She’d Probably Be Boring

Photo: Robert Maxwell

"Matt Weiner, the creator, had thought of Joan as pinched and tightly wound, but she's more of a sort of sexual character. I just went in and did the character as I had read her, which was bossy, brassy, everyone-listen-to-me. And then when wardrobe got involved, doing the pilot, I put on this dress, and all of the sudden I had a different walk than I normally had, and Matt turned to me and said, 'That's Joan.' I have my hair brought up a couple inches, and I have heels. I look like an Amazon." —Christina Hendricks is Joan [Esquire]

"The flag's at half-mast in Shermer, Illinois: John Hughes, the man who spoke for geeks way before anyone else did." —Kevin Smith [Movies Blog/MTV]

"Truly saddened by passing of John Hughes. Was an idol to this magna-zoom-dweebie." —Diablo Cody [Movies Blog/MTV]

“I eat whatever is at craft services. I’m a big eater. I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs. [We are] encouraged NOT to work out. We want soft; we don’t want any muscle definition. They tell us to gain weight, gain weight, gain weight, because they want a soft, voluptuous woman, which they were [back then].” —January Jones, the only woman on television being told to fatten up [Ok]

“I have this phobia of becoming someone’s ‘girlfriend.' I have guy friends who have been dating a girl for six months and our other friends don’t know her name. They just ask, ‘Hey, where’s your girlfriend?’ And I want to scream, ‘OK, her name is Sally, and she’s awesome, and you’ve known her for months. Where did her identity go?’” —Charlyne Yi, advocate for girlfriends everywhere [Daily Beast]

"I'm a big coward and I'm really afraid of live audiences. I used to really want to do stage one day and then the last couple of years I've done some presenting at awards show. I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick, so I don't think me on stage for any length of time would work because I would inevitably throw up, and that would be embarrassing." —Katherine Heigl [Female First]