If Joan Holloway Were Portrayed by Anyone Other Than Christina Hendricks, She’d Probably Be Boring


"Matt Weiner, the creator, had thought of Joan as pinched and tightly wound, but she's more of a sort of sexual character. I just went in and did the character as I had read her, which was bossy, brassy, everyone-listen-to-me. And then when wardrobe got involved, doing the pilot, I put on this dress, and all of the sudden I had a different walk than I normally had, and Matt turned to me and said, 'That's Joan.' I have my hair brought up a couple inches, and I have heels. I look like an Amazon." —Christina Hendricks is Joan [Esquire]

"The flag's at half-mast in Shermer, Illinois: John Hughes, the man who spoke for geeks way before anyone else did." —Kevin Smith [Movies Blog/MTV]

"Truly saddened by passing of John Hughes. Was an idol to this magna-zoom-dweebie." —Diablo Cody [Movies Blog/MTV]

“I eat whatever is at craft services. I’m a big eater. I’m from South Dakota, so meat, potatoes, carbs. [We are] encouraged NOT to work out. We want soft; we don’t want any muscle definition. They tell us to gain weight, gain weight, gain weight, because they want a soft, voluptuous woman, which they were [back then].” —January Jones, the only woman on television being told to fatten up [Ok]

“I have this phobia of becoming someone’s ‘girlfriend.' I have guy friends who have been dating a girl for six months and our other friends don’t know her name. They just ask, ‘Hey, where’s your girlfriend?’ And I want to scream, ‘OK, her name is Sally, and she’s awesome, and you’ve known her for months. Where did her identity go?’” —Charlyne Yi, advocate for girlfriends everywhere [Daily Beast]

"I'm a big coward and I'm really afraid of live audiences. I used to really want to do stage one day and then the last couple of years I've done some presenting at awards show. I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick, so I don't think me on stage for any length of time would work because I would inevitably throw up, and that would be embarrassing." —Katherine Heigl [Female First]