Raekwon Gets His Bobby Flay On


When we interviewed Raekwon back in June, he explained all the free music he’s been releasing pre–Cuban Linx II (now due September 8) by saying, "I look at it like, 'Yo, you got me waiting, can I get a fucking soda? Can I get a juice? Can I get a fucking sandwich?'" On that note, here's "Iron Chef," a big, delicious Reuben of a mix-tape track. Putting aside for a minute how incredible it is that Raekwon has not already put out a song called "Iron Chef," this is a stark reminder that we're right to get psyched for this thing, despite the notable paucity of actual CBII leaks. Rae's his usual razor-sharp self, but Ghostface steals it with one of the more aggressively mean-spirited verses we've heard in a while: It's a catalogue of torture tactics to be carried out on an unnamed adversary, including hanging him from hooks, blowtorching his genitals, and wielding a chainsaw in a manner that will leave stains not even Ajax could clean off. But the best thing about the track? It gives us an excuse to run that image of Chef Guevara.

Listen to "Iron Chef" at Nah Right.