Seth MacFarlane Takes a Cheap Shot at Jeremy Piven’s Hairline in Latest ‘Where’s My Emmy?’ Video


Earlier this week, Seth MacFarlane launched a supremely unfunny Emmy campaign for Family Guy by way of YouTube. The first entry from the so-called Smartest Person on Television took a few digs at The Office, none of which were particularly original or enlightening. And now, the halfhearted and depressingly repetitive campaign continues along with potshots at two of HBO's entries in the Best Comedy Series category, Flight of the Conchords ("Isn't that show just glasses and wacky sideburns?") and Entourage. Regarding the latter, MacFarlane thankfully decided to avoid any sushi-related jokes at the still-recovering Jeremy Piven's expense, but he did decide to use the voice of Stewie to make light of Piven's oft-derided mane of hair. As Stewie is pummeling Brian with a series of kicks and punches, he screams "Hug this out, bitch! Hug this out! That's a hairpiece, you know that?" We're not sure of anyone who would exactly find this mean-spirited retort funny, but we're fairly certain Chris Kattan is glad he's no longer at the top of Piven's shit list.

FAMILY GUY - Brian's Emmy Vote - Entourage [YouTube]