Seth MacFarlane’s Emmy Campaigning Gets Off to an Unfunny Start

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Seth MacFarlane has made no bones about his desire to pocket some Emmy hardware this year. After actively campaigning for Family Guy to get a nomination for Best Comedy Program, his show became the first animated series since The Flintstones to receive a nod in this category from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. And while intense post-nomination campaigning is generally something reserved for Oscar season, MacFarlane is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to pull off an upset this year. He just started a new YouTube channel called Where's My Emmy and posted a video in which the recently outed Stewie and Brian discuss the merits of The Office versus Family Guy. And by "discuss," we really mean Stewie goes Goodfellas on Brian with a metal towel rod when Brian suggests that The Office is "funny" and "well-written." Ugh. We can only hope that the good people at Entertainment Weekly watch this clip and finally decide to retract their now-infamous proclamation that MacFarlane is the Smartest Person on Television.

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