Seth MacFarlane’s Emmy Campaigning Gets Off to an Unfunny Start


Seth MacFarlane has made no bones about his desire to pocket some Emmy hardware this year. After actively campaigning for Family Guy to get a nomination for Best Comedy Program, his show became the first animated series since The Flintstones to receive a nod in this category from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. And while intense post-nomination campaigning is generally something reserved for Oscar season, MacFarlane is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to pull off an upset this year. He just started a new YouTube channel called Where's My Emmy and posted a video in which the recently outed Stewie and Brian discuss the merits of The Office versus Family Guy. And by "discuss," we really mean Stewie goes Goodfellas on Brian with a metal towel rod when Brian suggests that The Office is "funny" and "well-written." Ugh. We can only hope that the good people at Entertainment Weekly watch this clip and finally decide to retract their now-infamous proclamation that MacFarlane is the Smartest Person on Television.

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