Seth Meyers Offers Justin Timberlake Full-time, Low-Paying Work at SNL


Who cares if Ryan Reynolds got that part in Green Lantern, and The Open Road looks like a stinker — if Justin Timberlake wants to act, he can always do it in 30 Rock's Studio 8H. We ran into Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers last night at the premiere for IFC's Bollywood Hero, and he told us he's excited to be reuniting with Amy Poehler for Weekend Update Thursdays. "Obviously, we're thrilled to have her back at the desk," he said, even though he'll anchor "Weekend Update" solo on Saturdays. "But come on, we're a very fluid place over at Saturday Night Live," he told us. Does that mean they'd hire frequent SNL host and cameo-maker Justin Timberlake for a permanent spot on the show? "If Justin Timberlake was so stupid and hated money so much that he would work for us permanently, we would love to have him," said Meyers, the show's head writer. "But he would really have to hate money."