Snoop Dogg Admits to Regis Philbin That He Fell Asleep During Watchmen


Now, we here at Vulture are fully aware that the only thing that got people the least bit excited about Watchmen was Dr. Manhattan's cerulean bell-clacker. But even though Zack Snyder's film didn't live up to its advance hype, at least we stayed awake for the film's entire 162-minute run time! The same cannot be said for America's foremost marijuana enthusiast and part-time lifecaster, one Snoop D-O-double G. During a recent appearance on the ratings-deficient and Slumdog-free edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the elfin Regis Philbin asked Snoop if he knew which character in the film wore a mask stained with inkblots. A look of consternation immediately rolled across his face, and he responded to Reege with a simple statement: "Man, I seen that movie but I fell asleep on it." We're not sure if "fell asleep" was really code for "was too baked to remember the simplest plot detail," but either way, he had to use his "Ask the Audience" lifeline. Would they set him on the right path? Watch and discuss!

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