So Who Was That Guy Don Draper Drank With Last Night, Anyway?


There were a few Kubrickian moments in last night's episode of Mad Men. The first involved the conversation that Betty had with the silver fox who put his hand creepily on her pregnant belly while she waited for Trudy to emerge from the bathroom; their entire exchange reminded us of the scene in Eyes Wide Shut where the European count began chatting up Nicole Kidman at Sydney Pollack's house party. The second was, of course, the moment where Don hops over the bar to make himself and "Connie" a couple of old-fashioneds; our brain was screaming "OVERLOOK HOTEL" at us during that entire scene. Which is a sort of roundabout way of getting to our question from the headline. Was Connie really the famed hotelier (not to mention grandfather to Paris), Conrad Hilton? ArtsBeat provides the evidence! [ArtsBeat/NYT]