Why Are the Leaked Blueprint 3 Songs Getting Worse?


Should we be worried yet? We can't help but notice that each new track leaked from Jay-Z's upcoming Blueprint 3 (due on September 11) has been worse than the one that preceded it (see above). First Hov gave us the awesome "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)," followed by the nearly as excellent "Run This Town." But this week we got a trio of half-baked Timbaland-produced jams, leaked in ascending order of stinkiness — the so-so "Off That," the totally grating "Reminder," and the snoozy, hookless "Venus vs. Mars," which hit the Internet yesterday afternoon to mostly yawns from Nah Right's comment section. Is it too late to replace a couple of these with "Ain't I" and "Jockin' Jay-Z"? Maybe Jay's just dumping the Timbaland tracks early, so they won't disappoint us later? Seven of B3's ten unheard songs were produced by Kanye, whom we don't expect to let us down. But right now we're as nervous as we are excited — which is not how we want to feel two weeks before the release of a Jay-Z album!

Jay-Z - Venus vs. Mars (No Tags) [Nah Right]