Summer Doldrums Hit ABC Hard As Network Ties an All-time Ratings Low


Now that noted bluesman Ben Silverman has ridden off into the sunset on a white tiger while playing "Blue Shadows" on his harmonica, whom will we have to kick around? Thankfully for us, ABC Entertainment prexy Steve McPherson seems committed to stepping up to the plate. According to Bill Carter of the New York Times, McPherson's prime-time schedule averaged a 1.1 rating in the highly coveted 18-to-49-year-old demographic last week, which is tied for the all-time lowest rating in that category for a broadcast television network. As if that news doesn't smart enough, we're sad to let you know that's not the worst of it: This is the third time that ABC has hit this ratings low during this summer alone! Mediaite claims that it's been hearing that McPherson "might be next to the chopping block," but odds are that nothing is likely to change until some of the returns start coming in for the network's (promising) fall lineup. That said, we wonder if it's too late to try to figure out how to get some sexy vampires to move in to Cougar Town?

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