Taylor Lautner’s Restless Legs Are Even More Powerful Than Previously Imagined


When we first learned of New Moon star Taylor Lautner's career-threatening case of Restless Leg Syndrome, we wondered what sort of adjustments director Chris Weitz would have to make in order to prevent America's hunkiest werewolf's lower extremities from bouncing all over the screen. Well, unfortunately, so far we haven't learned much: Recent footage from the film either focuses on Lautner's restless chest or is framed in such a way that his legs do not appear on camera. Recognizing that millions of members of Team Jacob have a nearly insatiable desire to find out more about Lautner's legs, Entertainment Weekly made the wise decision to take some video of the star while he and Kristen Stewart were prepping for the magazine's cover shoot. So what did they capture? Wild bounds! Karate kicks! Spontaneous backflips! This is truly breathtaking stuff, people.

'New Moon' - Jacob Flips Out! [YouTube]