The Men Who Stare at Goats Trailer: George Clooney Throws Another Screwball


As George Clooney learned while making Leatherheads last year, there's more to Coens-style screwball comedy than just twitchy acting and comical headgear. So this time, for the Grant Heslov–directed The Men Who Stare at Goats — about the military's attempts to train a unit of psychic "warrior monks," adapted (loosely, it seems) from Jon Ronson’s 2004 nonfiction book — he's regrown his O Brother mustache and cast himself alongside Jeff Bridges, who appears to be playing a telekinesis-enhanced cousin of the Dude in military dress. Clooney stars as reactivated special-forces operative Lyn Cassady, who can disappear clouds and kill goats just by looking at them, and Ewan "Obi Wan" McGregor is a reporter investigating the government's "Jedi" program. As we learned with Leatherheads, it's difficult to intuit simply from a trailer whether Coen-y Clooney movies will be funny or lame, but we do like the use of "More Than a Feeling" here.